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Fond du Lac Extension

FRTEP - 1862

Federal funds from FRTEP will place one Extension
Educator specialized in natural resources and the environment – water
quality – on the Leech Lake Reservation.  This position will work cooperatively with the Leech Lake Natural Resources Department.  The
University of Minnesota Extension will fund a second position and will
place an Extension Educator specialized in natural resources and the
environment – forestry – on the Fond du Lac Reservation, working
cooperatively with Fond du Lac Tribal College.  Project
priorities will be determined in a consultative process with the Tribal
governments, Tribal Colleges, environmental educators and regulators,
and elders on each Reservation to achieve the following three goals:  (1)
identify and map needs and available resources related to species of
significance to American Indian culture, agriculture/forest production,
and the quality of the environment related to supporting sustainable
use of native species; identify and gaps in services and needs for
education; (2)  adapt existing curriculum and develop new
curriculum that will incorporate science-based knowledge, best
management practices, native species and American Indian cultural
perspectives, resulting in improved management of forest lands within
the Fond du Lac Reservation and improved management of water resources
within the Leech Lake Reservation; and (3) provide science-based
education to American Indian and non-American Indian populations living
within the boundaries of the Reservations to improve the quality of and
support sustainable use of native species of agricultural and forest
products to expand market opportunities.

Fond du Lac Reservation is the home of the Lake Superior Chippewa. The Reservation lies in Northeastern Minnesota

Contact Information

David Wilsey

Extension Educator
(218) 726-6461
(888) 841-0724 ext 6461

179 University Road,
Fond du Lac Extension,
University of Minnesota,
Cloquet, MN 55720