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Northern Cheyenne Extension

FRTEP - 1862

The Northern Cheyenne is a 454,000 acre reservation in southeastern
Montana. The Reservation is 98% in trust status owned by the tribe and
its members. The Reservation is home to 5,500 enrolled members. FRTEP
is an effective resource for the tribe's youth and ranching community.
The ranching community consists of 40 producers maintaining 7,500
mother cows. The Northern Cheyenne FRTEP project will evaluate issues,
organize audiences, deliver educational materials, provide technical
assistance and develop demonstrations to build the knowledge base and
management skill of Northern Cheyenne agriculturalists. We will provide
a professional educational presence on the reservation delivering
programs with measurable long term impacts. These efforts will improve
natural resources, create a healthier national food supply, while
simultaneously increasing the financial sustainability and quality of
life of the reservation. The Northern Cheyenne Reservation population
data states: 53% are under the age of nineteen. The reservation has
great need for all types of youth development. This project will
utilize 4-H and school enrichment to assist our youth in building self
esteem and life skills. This FRTEP will accomplish three primary youth
development objectives and four agricultural objectives. The objectives
are broad yet contain specific diverse goals for improving the lives
and ranches of Northern Cheyenne. Funding of this proposed project
will: Provide Northern Cheyenne youth groups and organizations with 4-H
materials and school enrichment activities; Actively support our local
clubs with training in project areas and materials allowing expansion
of the local clubs; Enhance existing 4-H clubs and Northern Cheyenne
participation in county fairs and off reservation clinics; Build an
incentive program for five year achievement levels for clubs and
members. Extension service will advise USDA and state youth Loans;
Advise 5 youth in agriculture businesses over the 2009-2013 cycle;
Restore 400 new acres of noxious weed infested idle crop land; and
Educate, consult and involve 40 ranchers annually in USDA-FSA programs.
Educate, consult and train 40 ranchers in improved beef management
strategies. Implement the NAIS and COOL standards with 40 Cheyenne

Contact Information

Kirk Denny

Extension Educator and Agent
(406) 477-6498
(406) 477-6488

P.O. Box 128,
North Cheyenne Reservation,
Lame Deer, MT 59043

Extension Programs

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Improved Pasture Seeding Reclaims Russian Knapweed Infested Land. Northern Cheyenne Extension

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4-H Project Materials and School Enrichment Activities Northern Cheyenne Extension

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