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Tuba City Extension

FRTEP - 1862

Arizona Cooperative Extension will deliver Extension programs to the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation.  The
Western Agency is an administrative district of the Bureau of Indian
Affairs that includes the western 15 Chapters (geographic and political
subdivisions) of the Navajo Nation.  The location for the Extension office will be in the Tuba City Chapter.  The Navajo Nation will benefit greatly from enhanced access to the university through extension programs.  Coordination
and collaboration will take place with appropriate federal and tribal
agencies, two 1862 land grant universities, and two 1994 tribal
Programs for the Reservation communities
will be developed through a contemporary participatory process intended
to identify educational needs that can be addressed, or brokered, by
Cooperative Extension.  Considerable interest has been identified in the following issue areas:  range
management and monitoring, sheep, livestock production, equine
sciences, human nutrition/healthy lifestyles, 4-H/youth leadership, and
natural resources management.

Tuba City Chapter is located on the western side of the Navajo Nation in the Western Agency.

Contact Information

Grey Farrell, Jr.

Extension Program Coordinator
(928) 401-0925

Tuba City Cooperative Extension,
P.O. Box 1307,
Tuba City, AZ 86045