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University of Nevada Tribal Exension

FRTEP - 1862

Existing Federally Recognized Tribes
Extension Program (FRTEP) funds are insufficient to support tribal
needs on more than one reservation. In order to fund more than one
full-time operation, UNCE seeks funding partners with similar missions
and interests. The Nevada FRTEP program was reorganized by UNCE
beginning in 2004. Currently, there are Memorandum of
Agreements with the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and the Walker River
Paiute Tribe for a satellite Cooperative Extension office on each
reservation. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe's MOA is extremely
successful as it creates a partnership of County, Tribal and FRTEP
funds to create a full-time position and a functional office. This
template is currently being expanded as Cooperative Extension is
working with Tribal Governments and Counties to provide additional
Cooperative Extension opportunities to the tribes in Nevada.
The Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation is located 50 miles
northeast of Reno in Washoe County. The Walker River Indian Reservaton is located in Mineral County in
central Nevada.

The majority of Tribes in Nevada are economically dependent on
their land base, which is 22 percent of all land in farms in the State
of Nevada. Although funding is limited, the Nevada FRTEP program
strives to provide opportunities for all Tribes in Nevada through the
bi-annual Nevada Indian Agriculture & Environmental Summit, Beef
Quality Assurance programs, comprehensive needs assessments, and
educational programs that bridge the gap between agencies and Tribes.

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Frank Flavin

Project Co-Director
(775) 784-4848
(775) 784-4881

University of Nevada
Cooperative Extension
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