4-H Youth Development

The tribe operates its own 4H program with the assistance of the MSU
Extension Service Agent. The Choctaw Tribe recognizes that children are
the future. The Tribe wants to open the minds of children so that they
will be productive citizens on or off the reservation. The tribal 4H
program conducts an annual fishing rodeo, has an entomology club,
fashion club and a host of other activities you will find in most 4H
programs across the south. One of the strategies for the tribal program
is that of a hands-on approach using field trips to various places. The
idea is, if a child can see how education and technology is used, they
will be better informed than that of only classroom activity.

Contact Information

Jim McAdory

Extension Educator
(601) 656-2070
(601) 650-1992

P.O. Box 6010,
MS Band of Choctaw Indians,
Department of Agriculture & Rural Development,
Choctaw, MS 39350

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4-H Picnic