4-H Youth Programs

With the limited amount of resources to provide the ideal 4-H
program on the Navajo Nation, the plan is to strengthen and maintain
the 35 existing 4-H groups.

Majority of the youths on the
Navajo Nation are active in some kind of high school sport during the
school months. The two most popular events are basketball and rodeo. It
is fortunate to have the resource of individuals with expertise in
certain areas of horse and horsemanship and do contribute their
knowledge at various Equine workshops. But it is unfortunate that
Arizona Extension does not have a 4-H rodeo project, therefore, many
projects on the Navajo Nation are of livestock interest. Workshops are
developed based on those 4-H livestock projects.

There are two
major Livestock Fairs on the Navajo Nation, Navajo Nation Fair-Window
Rock, AZ and Northern Navajo Fair-Shiprock, NM, where 4-H/FFA members
may exhibit their livestock project(s) and also auction off their
livestock market project(s). Members also have the opportunity to
compete at the county and state fair level.

Ideally we would
like to see an increase in membership and the range in ages of
participants, to promote 4-H as a gateway to high school FFA, and also
increase number of 4-H leaders and improve 4-H leadership skills. Other
emphasizes are to:

  • Implement Agriculture in the Classroom curriculum in some elementary and middle schools.
  • Promote agriculture through
    1. educational outreach at Navajo tribal fairs
    2. Junior Livestock, 4-H, and Equine workshops, shows, and sales; and
    3. educating youth, parents, and school personnel about opportunities in agric-science and agribusiness disciplines.
Contact Information

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Extension Agent
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P.O. Box 1339,
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