Build the local knowledge base, promote community leadership and volunteer work, connect producers with resources, improve problem-solving skills, and increase youth participation in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

A primary goal of IIRD-Dine College is to inform and educate the communities of the Navajo Nation with the problems that noxious and invasive plants produce throughout the reservation. Some of the major problems that noxious/invasive plants are responsible for, include; the crowding out of native plants, and/or reduction of native plants by depleting ground water from their natural habitats and interfering with the reproduction of native plants, these factors become reasonable elements in causing native plants to linger on the brink of and/or become extinct. Many noxious plants such as, Yellow Star thistle, Scotch thistle, Halogeton and Leafy Spurge are problematic to livestock and wildlife causing disease, dietary inconsistencies, poisoning, and even death, making it financially and economically invaluable to inform the public and communities of the substantial loss that is sustained from the infestation of noxious plants.

IIRD is currently in the process of researching, designing, and publishing an annual calendar introducing the public and communities to these noxious/invasive plants common among the Navajo Nation. The calendar includes photos of the plant’s characteristic flowers or seeds, the plant at a stage in its youth, and a large photo displaying the plant infesting or crowding an area. Statistics are also included specifying the scientific name, its common name, origin and its impact. There will be a brief descriptive of the characteristics such as its stem, color, the root, leaves, seeds, flower etc. This publication can become a crucial tool in containing and managing the outbreak, reduction or control of noxious plants within the Navajo Nation helping in the production and management of the nation’s natural resources.

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