Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

Educational Field Days and
demonstration trials were used to help Identify problems facing the
production of established crops (alfalfa, cotton, seed crops and
vegetables) and to determine appropriate solutions. This was
accomplished in cooperation with the Area Ag Agent, Eric Norton.

Presently, the EIRP Agent, in cooperation with a University Area Ag
Agent, is providing the Tribe with information on alternative cotton
crop varieties through on-going cotton variety trials on Tribal land as
part of a state-wide University research project. Results will help
farmers maximize their production by identifying specific cotton
varieties that are suited to the unique conditions found in the low
deserts of Arizona. Annual workshops are held each year and updates are
regularly mailed to agricultural producers. This is an on-going
project. Results are published annually.

Farm and resource management strategies are being developed
that will help protect the soil, nutrient and water resources available
on the Reservation. This is being accomplished as part of a cooperative
project that includes: La Paz County Extension EIRP Agent, CRIT, the
Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Lower Colorado River
Resource Conservation and Development board (LCRRC&D), the Parker
Valley Conservation District, FFA Youth and 4-H Youth.

Contact Information

Linda Masters

Extension Agent
Linda Masters
(928) 669-9843
(938) 669-9763

P.O. Box 3485,
La Paz Co. Cooperative Extension,
Parker, AZ 85344-3485

Cotton Harvest
Cotton Harvest