Agriculture and Natural Resources

Navajo ranchers and farmers need dependable information and
education to enhance their efficiency and productivity. The focus and
goal of the Navajo Nation Federally Recognized Tribal Extension Program
(FRTEP) is to challenge and improve certain existing production and
marketing practices so that the people can realize needed benefits.
Many producers engage in management strategies that are based neither
on traditional methodologies nor contemporary best practices. The
result is loss of income to families and lower productivity of

Learning takes place most effectively through hands-on involvement,
implementing concepts in a community context. Therefore, we have chosen
the longer hands-on workshop and field experience format where the
Extension Agent, cooperating partners, and local tradition bearers will
be engaged together in the process of discovery and linkages, where the
community will be interactive participants and the dialog will continue
long after the agents have left.

Extension education needs to be delivered in a bi-lingual oral
format. The written codification of the Navajo language began less than
100 years ago. Most fluent Navajo speakers do not read Navajo, although
many do read English. It is critical to deliver the information in both
languages: oral Navajo for the conceptual, philosophical, relational
information and written English to reinforce the technical procedures.
Just translating the English words into Navajo is not effective. Often
the information is so irrelevant that it reinforces people's dismissive
attitudes about outside agencies. Presentations in the Navajo cultural,
spiritual, and social context are the only reliable method for making
Extension education relevant from within the community's world view.

Today, people's lives are a combination of traditional and modern
lifestyles. Change has come from participation in the American society,
but the younger generation is also being encouraged to retain their
cultural identity and many cultural practices.

Contact Information

Gerald Moore

Extension Agent
(928) 871-7406
(928) 871-6679

P.O. Box 1339,
St. Michaels, AZ 86511

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