Beef and Buffalo Production

The Fort Hall Reservation Tribal and non-Tribal
members run approximately 10,000 head of cattle on the expansive
rangelands of the reservation.  There is a great need for
education in the area of beef management and production to improve
pregnancy rates, herd health and nutrition.  To meet these needs, an advisory committee was developed.  The committee is utilized every year to develop and implement beef programs for the community.  These
programs include an annual bull grading tour, an annual beef workshop,
ranch visits, various research projects and much more.  Research projects include estrous synchronization, trace mineral supplementation, electronic identification and much more.  Our
programming efforts reach over 60% of the Tribal and non-Tribal member
cattlemen utilize these programs offered through the extension office
for educational needs and assistance with management and production
related issues. 

extension office has also implemented a new, exciting program
pertaining to the buffalo herd owned and managed by the
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.  With the help of Lance
Tissidimit, the buffalo manager, we have tagged close to two hundred
buffalo with electronic tags to help maintain an effective record
keeping system and to market our products.

Contact Information

Danielle Gunn

Extension Educator
(208) 236-1046
(208) 238-8018

P.O. Box 306,
Fort Hall Reservation Extension Office,
Fort Hall, ID 83203-0306

Extension program image
Danielle Gunn, Fort Hall Buffalo Identification Project