Education and Testing combats impacts of bovine disease.

Trichomoniasis is a venereal disease that causes infertility and
early term abortion in cattle. Non-pregnant cows represent three-fold
loss: wasted winter feed, lost calf income and breeding stock
replacement cost. Infected bulls and open females must be removed from
the herd. MSU extension and Chief Dull Knife College teamed up to fund
a two year intensive education program focused on disease education and

Producers worked with FRTEP Extension and veterinarians to
pregnancy test 7,500 cows in 2004. 1,200 (16%) were non-pregnant, which
is an indication of infection. In 2005, 12% were non-pregnant which was
a 5% improvement over the 17% open rate in 2003. 184 bulls were tested
in 2005 and none tested positive for the disease.

The collaborative effort lead by FRTEP extension ultimately
saved Cheyenne producers $204,000 in wasted winter feed and allowed
producers to retain an additional 375 females. The value of these
additional bred cows saved ranchers $187,500 in replacement costs.

Contact Information

Kirk Denny

Extension Educator and Agent
(406) 477-6498
(406) 477-6488

P.O. Box 128,
North Cheyenne Reservation,
Lame Deer, MT 59043

Extension program image
Dr. Gene Greimann and Kirk Denny Extension Agent (FRTEP) Sampling for Trichomonas fetus.