Small business development is a priority for the Coeur d'Alene
Reservation. In 2006, with funding from an internal University of Idaho
Community Development grant, the Extension Educator collaborated with
Tribal Social Services and Planning staff and the University's Social
Science Research Unit to develop a survey to determine technical
assistance needs for would-be entrepreneurs. In addition, a group of
women from the reservation, including the Extension Educator, have
started a nonprofit group called the "Northwest Women's Business
Association." The group's mission is to support businesswomen and
artisans on the Coeur d'Alene Reservation through classes, seminars and

Contact Information

Laura Laumatia

Extension Educator
(208) 686-1716
(208) 686-3021

P.O. Box 289,
401 Anne Antelope Road,
University of Idaho,
Plummer, ID 83851

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Wilma Bob, chair of the Northwest Women's Business Association, teaches mop-head and pine-needle basket weaving to campers at the Rockin' the Rez summer camp.