General Economic Development

The Seminole tribal leaders continuously evaluate new economic
development approaches to their traditional agricultural operations. In
2005, the MacArthur Foundation with the assistance of FRTEP Agent, Mike
Bond, donated 21 water buffalo to the tribe. The objective of this
somewhat unique endeavor was to help tribal members develop a market
for a growing demand for this healthy meat source in the public domain.
In addition to their traditional markets in citrus, the tribe is now
offering organically grown citrus to domestic and international
markets. The tribe's first sugarcane crops were basically for the south
Florida sugar industries, but now new uses to include alternative fuels
are being considered.

Contact Information

Michael Bond

Extension Educator
(863) 763-5020
(863) 763-8654

Rt. 6, Box 767,
Okeechobee, FL 34974

Extension program image
"Talking" with one of the tribes water bufallo