Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition
programming is combined with both of the above outlined Agriculture and
4-H Program areas. Any opportunity available is used to promote
healthier lifestyles and increased physical activity. The CSREES
Strategic Goal 4 reflects the current situation on CRIT in such a
perfect way that it is quoted here: "While food and nutrition
assistance programs have helped reduce nutritional deficiencies,
improving access to healthy and nutritious food for low income
Americans remains a challenge. A large and growing portion of the
population faces health risks linked to quality and quantity of diet,
as changes in culture and lifestyle affect food selection and
consumption. Major causes of mortality - cardiovascular disease,
cancer, stroke, and diabetes - are clearly related to diet. Obesity is
increasing in all age and ethnic groups." This statement could easily
have been written specifically for CRIT. Obesity, heart disease and
diabetes are major issues for concern on the reservation. Programs
addressing these issues are ongoing and will continue.

A new partnership has been formed with the CRIT Diabetes
program where Extension will provide nutrition and physical activity
education as a integral part of their program.

Contact Information

Linda Masters

Extension Agent
Linda Masters
(928) 669-9843
(938) 669-9763

P.O. Box 3485,
La Paz Co. Cooperative Extension,
Parker, AZ 85344-3485


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