Improved Pasture Seeding Reclaims Russian Knapweed Infested Land.

Russian knapweed (Centuarea repens) infests thousands of acres of
the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. This highly competitive noxious weed
is difficult and expensive to eradicate. Herbicide alone does not bring
abandoned crop lands back into production effectively. The Northern
Cheyenne FRTEP extension agent implemented prescribed rehabilitation
strategies suggested by noxious weed researchers Tom Whitson, PhD and
Roger Sheley PhD.

The prescriptions utilize improved pasture species and mixes to
establish highly competitive and productive grasslands. These manmade
grasslands were established on 320 acres of Tribal and allotted lands
that were dominated by Russian knapweed. The knapweed was reduced and
by 95% while production was increased tremendously. The restored
pastures require 1/3 less herbicide to maintain.

The sites are now utilized as training sites for regional land managers, landowners and educators.

Contact Information

Kirk Denny

Extension Educator and Agent
(406) 477-6498
(406) 477-6488

P.O. Box 128,
North Cheyenne Reservation,
Lame Deer, MT 59043

Extension program image
FRTEP Agent Kirk Denny evaluating 80 acre Pubescent wheatgrass pasture established over Russian Knapweed.