Master Food Preserver

MSU Flathead Reservation Extension Office partnered with MSU Lake County Extension to offer the first Master Food Preserver class in Montana in over 25 years.  With the increase in gardening comes the increased need for education in food safety and food preservation.  Master Food Preservers (MFP) serves to extend Extension's education programs in food safety and food preservation to adults and youth.  The MFP serves as a volunteer educator and resource person in the community to provide the public with research-based information from Montana State University (MSU).

The training covers the latest information on food safety and food preservation from MSU, Colorado State University, and USDA.  Topics include prevention of foodborne illness, food storage and safety, basis of spoilage and preservation, altitude adjustments, canning basics for high acid and low acid foods, pickled and fermented foods, fruit spreads, freezing, drying, nutritional considerations, and preparing for and coping with emergencies and disasters.

Contact Information

Rene Kittle

Extension Educator
(406) 675-2700
(406) 675-2035

P.O. Box 335,
Montana State University,
Pablo, MT 59865


Pablo, MT
United States
Master Food Preserver
Master Food Preserver Class