Natural Resource Management

The Fort Hall Reservation is comprised of approximately 344,942 acres
of rangeland.  These rangelands require development and implementation
of updated methods to manage this valuable resource.  As of 2005, the
Fort Hall rangelands had not been inventoried since 1963.  To address
this issue, the extension office took the lead in developing a
Rangeland Inventory Request for Proposal to secure funding through the
Bureau of Indian Affairs to begin a project of this magnitude.  Our
efforts have been very successful and we were able to secure a very
reputable company to begin our inventory and planning development
process.  The project has been going strong since March of 2006.  In
addition, the extension office assists with the range bidding and
permitting processes.  The extension office also conducts programming
and projects pertaining to noxious weed management, riparian
management, poisonous range plant research and much more.

Contact Information

Danielle Gunn

Extension Educator
(208) 236-1046
(208) 238-8018

P.O. Box 306,
Fort Hall Reservation Extension Office,
Fort Hall, ID 83203-0306

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