Navajo Extension Partnership Program

In efforts to maximize the use of available resources for the
Tri-state Extension Programs, a partnership has been established to
clearly focus on priorities and enhance program delivery. The Navajo
Extension Partnership (NEP) will provide strategies for extension
programs with favorable results and accomplishments. The NEP will
coordinate 1994 college, 1862 university, tribal, and County Extension
Agents; specialists; community partners; elected officials; nonprofit
organizations; educational districts; tribal agencies; and other
resources for the benefit of the Navajo Nation people.

Desired Program Outcomes

  1. Provide leadership in program development, planning, implementation and evaluation for
    area wide Agriculture/Natural Resource and Youth & Family for the Navajo Nation.
  2. Identify needed research on the Navajo Nation.
  3. Provide human and physical resources needed for area Extension programming for the
    Navajo Nation.
  4. Identify and develop educational materials needed for the Navajo Nation to support
    program efforts on the Navajo Nation.
  5. Develop funding opportunities for identified educational programs.
  6. Coordinate and identify appropriate training's to support educational activities of the
    partnership members.
  7. Serve as a mechanism for communication among partnership and clientele on ideas,
    methods and techniques for enhancing educational programs for the Navajo Nation.
  8. Provide a system for exchange of knowledge and expertise among partnership members.
    Program Inputs
Contact Information

Gerald Moore

Extension Agent
(928) 871-7406
(928) 871-6679

P.O. Box 1339,
St. Michaels, AZ 86511

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Navajo Nation