Outreach to Other Programs

The San Carlos extension agent has offered outreach to San Carlos
Tribal Farms, the Spay Neuter Planning Committee, and the Livestock
Homeland Security Committee. She provided soil and crop
recommendations, farm budgeting analysis, as well as insect control
technical assistance, to the Tribal hay farm and is coordinating
research with the University of Arizona on ethanol production at the
farm. The agent served on the Spay Neuter Clinic Planning Committee and
also on the Livestock Homeland Security Committee in San Carlos for
three years, providing technical and advisory assistance on these local

Additionally, she has served as the co-chair of the University of
Arizona Indian Country Extension working group, and has hosted a tour
group from the First Nations Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan,
Canada. She spoke about Arizona Indian Country Extension at the
Indigenous Development Conference in 2006 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
The agent has also presented numerous academic papers at the
Association for International Agriculture Extension Educators (AIAEE)
in diverse locations such as Dublin, Ireland; San Antonio, Texas; and
Clearwater, Florida. She has also published two articles in the Journal
of International Agricultural Extension Educators.

Contact Information

Sabrina Tuttle

Extension Agent
(928) 475-2350
(928) 475-2359

P.O. Box 850,
San Carlos Apache Tribe,
San Carlos, AZ 85550

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