Pyramid Lake Project Office on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation

The community vitality, both economic and social, of the Pyramid Lake
Paiute Reservation is strongly dependent on agriculture, natural
resources, and environmental protection due to its reliance on Pyramid
Lake and surrounding lands which are heavily impacted by the adjacent
Reno-Sparks Metropolitan Area. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (the
"Tribe"), EIRP, and the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
("UNCE") Washoe County Office have insufficient funding on their own to
establish a Pyramid Lake project office. Since the UNCE Washoe County
Office is funded by a dedicated mil levy of local property taxes not
associated with the County, it is necessary to obtain Tribal and EIRP
funds in conjunction with county revenues. Consequently a Memorandum of
Agreement provides for shared funding to maintain a project office on
the Pyramid Lake Reservation.

Over the last year Extension efforts on the Pyramid Lake
Paiute Reservation have concentrated on youth and adult programming in
agriculture, environment, natural resources and civic engagement.
Programming in Reservation schools involved embryology and fisheries as
well as a youth civic engagement group concentrating on land use and
governmental relations. An intergenerational program connecting tribal
elders with youth has been initiated as well as a 4-H Enviro-Friendly
group at the Wadsworth Reservation community. A "Veggies for Kids"
program has been designed in collaboration with UNCE and University of
Nevada, Reno nutritionists and will be implemented on the Reservation
over the next year. Sense of Place programming has been initiated at
the Reservations Numaga Center. This program involves Tribal elders in
traditional activities that connect people with their culture and the
land and its resources. Extension personnel have helped design and
implement two major conferences dealing with agriculture and the
environment on Reservation lands as well as the surrounding lands and
communities that impact the environment and quality of life on the

Pyramid Lake Project Citizen was piloted in early 2006 with students at
Pyramid Lake High School, a BIA funded school. Students were
responsible for identifying a list of public issues and through voting
chose one to work one. The students chose to work on a paved walkway on
the reservation. Students developed interview questions, conducted
interviews with community members, gathered information on the walkway
through the use of survey wheels and GPS units and presented their
results on a poster board to Tribal Council. The students chose the
"Walkabout Project" because they felt all members of the community
would benefit. Currently the Walkabout Project is in the
pre-implementation phase and will benefit greatly by the recent hiring
of a student to help move the project through the necessary
implementation stages.

Contact Information

Jerry Buk

Project Co-Director, Central Northeast Area Director
(775) 428-0210
(775) 423-1901

40 East Center St., Suite 14,
Nevada Cooperative Extension,
Fallon, NV 89406


Washoe County, 301 Gerlach Highway, Room 103
Nixon, NV 89424
United States