Seminole Tribal Cattle Program

The tribal cattle program, one of the largest US cattle producers, has
demonstrated considerable proficiency. After a 15 year development
program, the tribe has arrived with genetic lines optimized for South
Florida environmental conditions. The program is becoming a "profit
center." Many reasons attribute to the success but three stand out. The
first, supported by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and
Consumer Services, was the introduction of a Cattle ID program which
garnered national and local newspaper and television coverage. Next, a
"branded beef" program is under development. Finally, continuing
Extension assistance, enhanced by FRTEP, helps provide a conduit to
University of Florida Extension Specialists for information and
educational support.

Contact Information

Michael Bond

Extension Educator
(863) 763-5020
(863) 763-8654

Rt. 6, Box 767,
Okeechobee, FL 34974

Extension program image
President Moses Osceola and FRTEP Agent, Mike Bond, introduce the Electronic Animal Identification Program in which the Seminole Tribe participated as the first in Florida.