UNM Farm/Ranch Safety Program

Department of Emergency Medicine, Center for Injury Prevention
Research and Education staff member, Dr. Deborah Helitzer received a
grant from University of Texas to conduct a research study regarding
injury prevention on the Navajo reservation within Shiprock Agency.
This five-year grant comprises of a survey questionnaire study of the
safety practices on the Navajo reservation in the first year as a
pre-test, conducted by a group of individuals, consisting mainly of the
Farm Board and the Grazing Committee members. The remaining years would
be intervention projects and ending with an evaluation and/or

Partners (NMSU San Juan County Extension, Navajo Nation
Department of Agriculture, Dine Agriculture Inc., and the BIA) promoted
safety in an educational format. The UNM stakeholders planned and
prepared three logic models to implement the intervention portion of
the grant. These include Cattle Handling Safety; Chemicals & Their
Uses; and Canal Ditch Safety.

The UNM equipment rental program is monitored by the Shiprock
Cooperative Extension office. Two squeeze chutes, two sprayers, a calf
table and a flat bed with panels are readily available for farmers,
ranchers and the general public to rent. The rental income is used for
maintenance on the equipment. There has been an increase of the rental
after the increased awareness of safety in the communities.

The farm/ranch safety project has been a success with
implementation of intervention projects; thus the farmers and ranchers
have increased their safety practices over the years. There was an
increase in the participation of the equipment rental program.

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Jeannie Benally

Extension Agent
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P.O. Box 3629,
Shiprock Cooperative Extension,
Shiprock, NM 87420

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