Walker River Indian Reservation 4-H

The Walker River Indian Reservation is located in west-central Nevada
and is one of the three largest Indian reservations in the State of
Nevada, located in Mineral, Lyon and Churchill Counties. A recent needs
assessment of reservation households identified unemployment in the
rural area as the number one community risk factor followed closely by
alcohol and drug abuse. The Tribe has been a part of the FRTEP since
about 1992 and has had several different agents on the reservation,
which have tried to start a traditional Club oriented 4-H program. The
program was redesigned and a new Memorandum of Agreement was passed
with the Tribal council. A new agent, Leslie Brewster, was hired in
February of 2006 and is focusing on bringing culturally-sensitive 4-H
group activities to the reservation. In 2006, over 200 youth
participated in culturally-sensitive 4-H group activities as part of
the Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program (FRTEP). The new
program design has brought additional opportunities to reservation
youth and has educated residents about Cooperative Extension and Walker
River Paiute Traditional Culture.

In addition, the Walker River reservation has over 2,000 acres
of the noxious weed Tamarisk. Tamarisk is in the rangeland and even in
farmers' fields. A Tamarisk Education program contacted all Walker
River households (415 mail boxes) with a Tamarisk Education mail insert
along with information on a Tamarisk Education Workshop. The education
program focused on letting residents know what Tamarisk was, why it is
noxious, and responsibilities of landowners in Nevada. The weed program
for Walker River will be continued adding noxious weeds such as white
top, hoary cress and knapweed.

Contact Information

Jerry Buk

Project Co-Director, Central Northeast Area Director
(775) 428-0210
(775) 423-1901

40 East Center St., Suite 14,
Nevada Cooperative Extension,
Fallon, NV 89406


Mineral County, P.O. Box 810, 314 5th Street
Hawthorne, NV 89415
United States
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Leslie Brewster, Walker River Community Based Instructor, works with students at Schurz Elementary School