Youth Development

Youth development is a major focus of the FRTEP - Coeur d'Alene
Reservation program. FRTEP is a partner in the school district's After
School Success Center, and offers 4-H enrichment activities twice
weekly to approximately 35 third - fifth graders. Additionally, FRTEP
has partnered with the Tribal Wellness Center for the last two summers
as a committee member for their Rockin' the Rez summer camp, which
serves nearly 200 students for five weeks. FRTEP also regularly works
with the Tribal Fish and Wildlife Outreach staff to lead natural
resource activities during the Tribe's Water Awareness Week and Water
Potato Day celebrations.

Contact Information

Laura Laumatia

Extension Educator
(208) 686-1716
(208) 686-3021

P.O. Box 289,
401 Anne Antelope Road,
University of Idaho,
Plummer, ID 83851

Extension program image
Spokane Tribal TANF sponsored a summer camp at the Coeur d'Alene Tribe's Camp Larson facility. Campers participated in a "Choices" workshop, led by the FRTEP educator and Tribal Fish and Wildlife Outreach specialist. "Choice", is a program that encourages youth to stay in school and make positive long-term decisions.