Survey of Hopi Farmer attitudes in 2003

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University of Arizona Coopertive Extension
FRTEP - 1862
In 2003, the Hopi Pu’tavi Project conducted a survey of farmers’
needs on Hopi. Representatives for the project interviewed
seventy-seven farmers. The information was entered into a database at
the Pu’tavi office. Dr. Cornelia B. Flora, of Iowa State University,
did most of the database design with assistance from Ms. Debra Moon,
the hired project consultant, and Matt Livingston, the project director.
needs to be clear to the reader is that there were only 77
interviews. Time and funding was not sufficient to interview everyone
who wanted to be interviewed. Additionally, this survey represents a
snapshot of time here at Hopi, what people were saying when they were
interviewed. Overtime, people’s opinions and outlooks can change.