Conducting Research on the San Carlos Apache Reservation

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University of Arizona, AZ1475
FRTEP - 1862

Conducting research on Native American Reservation lands demands a
unique protocol that prospective researchers need to understand and
respect in order to proceed in an ethical and culturally sensitive
manner. First, and foremost, researchers must recognize that they are
working on sovereign lands and that cultural and legal issues may be
very different than that of their own upbringing and background.

of research proposals will vary depending upon the Tribe or Nation on
whose territory the research will be conducted; therefore, researchers
must become informed about the requirements in place on their specific
Reservation of interest. In some cases, a letter from the Tribal
Council may be sufficient. In others, the approval of a tribal
Institutional Review Board (IRB) may be required. No research should be
conducted based on verbal approval from one individual. The researcher
must insure that the appropriate Tribal representative or group has
issued approval, in writing, before proceeding with any research