"Health and Traditions among Hopi/Tewa Women."

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Flora, C.B., M. Livingston, , I. Honyestewa and H. Koiyaquaptewa. "Health and Traditions among Hopi/Tewa Women." Triennial Rural Women's Studies, Conference, Bloomington, IN, September 26, 2009. Peer-reviewed.
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Abstract:  This paper is based on participatory action research over a 6-year period with the Hopi non-profit,   Pu’tavi, and the Hopi tribal government.  Discussing the functions of Hopi food based on a community capitals framework, Hopi women discover that health that come from the traditional system of food production, preparation, eating and the active lifestyle involved in those activities.  Yet that knowledge alone is not enough.  What was in place that made healthy lifestyles possible in the past?  And what must change in the present to make such healthy lifestyle choices available?