4-H and Healthy Lifestyles on the Fort Peck Reservation

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Fort Peck Extension
FRTEP - 1862

Fort Peck Reservation Extension Program aims to address the needs for sustainment of traditional Assiniboine and Sioux values and practices. It also works to teach much needed life skills via 4-H programs to Fort Peck Reservation Youth and families. This is needed to create healthy communities, schools and families across the Fort Peck Reservation where
poverty, suicide and school drop-out rates continue to plague Native American families. The program strives to address the need for positive leadership across the reservation.

The Fort Peck Reservation Extension Program recruits and trains volunteer adults to mentor and assist in the implementation of 4-H throughout the Fort Peck Reservation. The main goal is to involve as many youth as possible in 4-H Clubs and educational activities. This promotes education, as well as a healthy community. This is done via teaching projects at school, in the community via clubs and camps, and through an afterschool program. The program also supports and encourages youth to become involved in using tribal lands for agricultural entrepreneurship.