4-H Clubs Thriving in Northern Cheyenne, Montana

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Northern Cneyenne Extension
FRTEP - 1862

The first challenge is to start a traditional 4‐H Club, maintain its members and projects through a 4‐H year, participate in county activities, complete record books and grow the club. The second challenge is to get a club strong enough torecruit new members. One of the last and most significant challenges is to have enough parental support to have adequate leaders.

Our goal has been simple; we start with parents that have an interest to start a club in our area. Our approach is: 1.) A presentation on what the 4‐H program is about and what it takes to become a club. 2.) We help find at least 5 kids, the club minimum. 3.) Provide enough support to help organize the parents to be leaders. 4.) Provide technical support in areas of educational materials reference books, manuals, clinics, workshops, and variety of incentives. 5.) To step back when a club
begins to look forward to the next year, they are maintaining themselves, and they start to recruit new members.