4-H Seminole Indian Youth Livestock and Youth at Risk

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Program Highlight
Seminole Extension
FRTEP - 1862

Native American youth are exposed to a number of “youth at risk” factors which may lead consequently to altercations with law
enforcement. These problems are not only restricted to the reservations, but also has an effect on local non-tribal populations. The Seminole Tribe of Florida has a rich heritage in animal husbandry and is noted for having one of the nations leading cattle programs. This Tribe has worked on teaching youth many responsibilities in raising livestock. It is through these opportunities that 4-H and Extension has had the ability to reach out to these youth and gain their trust and convey an understanding of the ramifications of their actions. Further through tribal livestock projects and record keeping the youth gain an understanding of
money management. Subsequently our youth are learning to be productive citizens in their local and non-local communities.