Agriculture in the Classroom in Indian Country

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Program Highlight
Warm Springs Extension
FRTEP - 1862

Tribal youth are being challenged today by modern lifestyles that detach them from natural resources and traditional agricultural understanding. In addition, the Warm Springs Tribal Council is emphasizing tribal youth development especially with regards to natural resources. The Warm Springs Elementary School provides education from grades K – 5, and is a natural connection to tribal youth for FRTEP Extension youth programming. Their curriculum is very stringent, but in the spring months there is a little more “spare” time that teachers can utilize for other programs.

In 2005, FRTEP Extension at Warm Springs brought in the Agriculture in the Classroom program to the 4th Grade at Warm Springs Elementary. This national program focuses on increasing youth learning skills while using agricultural concepts. The goal at Warm Springs was to link this program with a hands on project that the grade school youth could track and learn from.