Agriculture - Where It Begins

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Choctaw Extension
FRTEP - 1862

The Choctaw tribe is located in central and southern Mississippi. The vast majority of tribal members live in rural areas where exposure to agriculture and many of the state’s natural resources are limited. A very high percentage of tribal families live and work in these rural communities. With these limiting factors the children do not get hands on or up close experience with livestock, forestry, endangered species, or agriculture in general. In respect to agriculture, surveys show that most children (not just Native American youth) believe that produce starts in the grocery store.

The audience for this program is youth enrolled in the tribal 4H club or students between grades 5th and 12th. The program exposes the children to agriculture where it starts, the process in between, and the finished product. The programs other facet is exposing the children to the natural world of wildlife, endangered species of Mississippi, Mississippi WMA’s (Wildlife Management Areas), Wildlife Refuges and how Mississippi State University plays a role in both fields. With this exposure the high school age students participate in an agriculture careers program conducted by the FRTEP agent. This program exposes the groups to other options to consider when choosing a field of study to pursue in college.