Community Education Programs

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Cherokee Extension
FRTEP - 1862

Examples of Community Education Programs are the Smoky Mountain Beekeepers, Tsa La Gi Master Gardeners and the Cherokee Native Plant Study Group.

Opportunities are for adults to participate in informal education are few in the remote Appalachian Mountains. Education can lead to a better quality of life from increased efficiency, improved decision-making and entrepreneurism.

Cooperative Extension on the Cherokee Reservation addresses the need for adult education in the areas of agriculture and natural resources by fostering the Smoky Mountain Beekeepers, the Cherokee Native Plant Study Group and Tsa La Gi Master Gardeners. In the case of the Master Gardener program, the Agent provided 40 hours of educational classes on a variety of regional gardening subjects. In turn the participants have provided at least 40 hours of community volunteer
service. The Agent serves as an Advisor for the Cherokee Native Plant Study Group and the Smoky Mountain Beekeepers assisting with planning their monthly educational programs, grant writing and other activities.

Extension Office
Cherokee Extension FRTEP - 1862
Current activities include the revegetation of ramps (a native wild onion) as a traditional food; revegetation of river cane, white oak, and butternut trees for traditional basket making; revegetation of American Chestnut for wildlife; the Cherokee Farmers Market; the Costa Rica Eco Study Tour; for... more