Creek Nation 4-H

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Muscogee (Creek) Nation
FRTEP - 1862

The benefits of 4-H are well documented, these benefits include increased communication skills, positive self-image, more
effective inter-personnel skills and increased public service. These skills are typically those very skills Native American youth need improvement in. Making the benefits of 4-H available to Creek Youth and keeping older teens active in 4-H, in order to
take advantage of 4-H’s benefits, is the main focus of Creek Nation 4-H.

Creek Nation 4-H assists Creek youth in taking advantage of the benefits of 4-H by providing financial assistance and
educational programs. Financial aid is provided by offering $500 grants to individual Creek youth to purchase and feed livestock show projects, scholarships to attend 4-H activities (state roundup, district leadership conferences, county summer camps, science camps, and any official 4-H activity), $2000 grants to County traditional 4-H programs, equipment purchase for use by Creek Nation 4-H and Traditional County 4-H Programs, Use of Creek Nation busses for transportation assistance to 4-H activities. Educational programs are picked that are likely to attract older teens. These programs include Shooting Sports, Science & Technology and Environmental.