Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems

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Colorado River Indian Tribes Extension
FRTEP - 1862

This program addresses the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service’s (CSREES) Strategic Goal 2 to “Enhance the Competitiveness and Sustainability of Rural and Farm Economies” and Strategic Goal 3 to support “Increased Economic Opportunities and Improved Quality of Life in Rural America.” According to the National 4-H Youth Development program, the “United States is falling dangerously behind other nations in developing its future workforce of scientists, engineers, and technology experts…To ensure global competitiveness, we must act now to prepare the next generation of science, engineering, and technology leaders.” The agriculture industry has an ever-increasing demand for graduates with an
agronomy background who can turn data into information and information into profit for the modern producer in the areas of field mapping, predicting field potential, soil sampling/soil analysis, fertility recommendations, yield monitoring, and many other such areas. Youth trained in science and specifically GPS/GIS Technology can help to satisfy this demand while qualifying for interesting, high-paying jobs which are otherwise hard to find in rural areas.

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Colorado River Indian Tribes Extension FRTEP - 1862