Get Active Eat Healthy

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Fort Berthold Extension
FRTEP - 1862

The Get Active Eat Healthy program addressed issues and habits that are contributing to an increased incidence of obesity and metabolic disorders among enrolled members and community members of Ft. Berthold Reservation.

Staff members from both NDSU Extension – Ft. Berthold, Ft. Berthold Diabetes Program and Indian Health Services worked diligently to develop and organize research based content that first addressed current knowledge and current behaviors relative to physical activity and fruit and vegetable intake and secondly, education in regard to the effects of current lifestyle choices and inherit risks of obesity and metabolic disorders among Native American and Scandinavian descent. The remaining
educational content focused on developing and practicing healthy lifestyles through physical activity and diet. The program content was delivered in a six week period over the noon hour for a one hour session. A healthy lunch was provided for the 134 participants each session. Primarily, sessions provided teaching tools that were hand on activities and educational sessions that introduced concepts that participants could easily learn and integrate in their day to day lives.