Integrated Weed Control

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WSU Colville Extension
FRTEP - 1862

Reservation lands are being over-run by non-native noxious weeds. The tribal people prefer to control weeds as naturally as possible and to be as safe and cautious as possible when utilizing pesticides in order to protect off target plants such as huckleberries, roots, etc.

In 2008, WSU Colville Reservation Extension staff developed educational posters, flyers, newsletters, booklets, etc to educate residents on identification and control of invasive species threatening the Colville Reservation. Integrated weed management education, along with bioagent distribution enhancement, is carried out by WSU Extension in partnership with Tribal Range, Fish and Wildife and Forestry Programs, on major weeds destroying grasslands the Colville Reservation. WSU Colville Reservation Extension provides the training necessary for Tribal members and Reservation residents to identify and control the weeds, obtain Pesticide Application Licenses, and to safely utilize herbicides to insure the least amount is used in the most
effective manner to do the job.