Riding Helmet and Rider Safety Education

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WSU Colville Extension
FRTEP - 1862

The Colville Tribal people have expressed a concern that there is a lack of horse knowledge among the area youth and this is important as horses are an important part of the Colvilles’ culture and heritage. In 2008, the TANF program provided several horse training/riding clinics across the reservation. With this many new young riders, there was a need identified for horse and rider safety education. Since head injuries, caused by falls from horses, account for most of the serious horse and rider injuries, Extension focused on riding helmet use and safety education.

Extension Office
Colville Extension FRTEP - 1862
The Washington State University (WSU) Colville Reservation Extension Office has a foundation of funding from USDA and WSU Administrative monies each year with additional Tribal support of close to $100,000 cash plus office space, .6FTE secretary, phones, etc and private donor money ($25,000). more