Weed Management

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Warm Springs Extension

Noxious weeds continue to be a serious threat to the viability of western rangelands. Weeds can outcompete native plants, use water resources, and threaten native plant communities. The tribal Council and community of Warm Springs is concerned about the continued threat of weed invasion. In addition, in the past three years, a new weed of concern – Ventenata dubia, has been noted to be spreading throughout the central Oregon region which includes Warm Springs.

In 2008, the FRTEP program at Warm Springs facilitated a Weed Forum at the tribal community center. Natural resource
specialists from various agencies were invited to present. In addition, the Oregon Department of Agriculture brought over a Weed Demonstration Trailer which contained visual displays of local weeds, videos, and information sheets. FRTEP Extension educator also presented information on Weeds and Grazing Management.