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Research in Indian Country | Article | Updated 10 years 26 weeks ago
Colorado River Indian Tribes, Hopi Tribe, Hualapai Nation, Navajo Nation, San Carlos Apache Community Resources and Economic Development
A general overview of research in Indian country, with emphasis on tribes in Arizona. Part A:  Setting Part B:  History of Extension on Indian Country Part C:  Research on Tribal Lands Part D:  Process to Conduct Research Part E:  Examples of Variability in IRB Process... Read more
Riding Helmet and Rider Safety Education | Program Highlight | Updated 10 years 27 weeks ago
Colville 4-H, Youth and Families
The Colville Tribal people have expressed a concern that there is a lack of horse knowledge among the area youth and this is important as horses are an important part of the Colvilles’ culture and heritage. In 2008, the TANF program provided several horse training/riding clinics across the... Read more
Record Keeping Training and Program Assessment for Native American Livestock Producers | Program Highlight | Updated 10 years 27 weeks ago
Navajo Nation Agriculture, Animals, Community Resources and Economic Development, Finances
This program addresses the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service’s (CSREES) Strategic Goal 4:Enhance Protection and Safety of the Nation’s Agriculture and Food Supply. The Navajo Nation encompasses around 14.7 million acres in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Reservation... Read more